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Tel. +39 0461 585282
+39 0461 585282

Andalo, is the perfect†mountain destination for families†to come†with children, best in Trentino.
All Family will discover that enjoy†nature†and animals†is at the same time†THRILLING, FUNNY, EDUCATIONAL AND RELAXING. †

In summer time families can experience the†Andalo Life Park†with inflatables, little cars, game park, minigolf, stables, tennis and also ice skating rink and pools with mega-water slide.†Beach side at the Molveno Lake†is wonderful, experience the†Adventure Forest Park†among creepers and Tibetan bridges, visit the†Tovre hut†with its petting zoo, see†brown bears†and the bees in real life and learn to know their habitat in†Spormaggiore Animals Refuge Park.

  • In Paganella there are†falcon exibition.
  • you can ses cow ans taste their geniun†milk, cheese and yogurt.
  • Mirko will teach you haow to make ?caciotta? cheese - See the video below!

Have a look at below brochure for suggestion on things to do for families