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Tel. +39 0461 585282
+39 0461 585282

Choosing Andalo as a point of departure, you can take strolls immersed in the woods of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, try trekking or Nordic walking to reach the summits, or climb the Campanil Bas and other Dolomite peaks.

From Andalo it is also possible to travel by mountain bike on the summit of Mount Paganella to follow the route of the famous Brenta Bike Dolomites or simply penetrate the level pine forest around Andalo Lake

Always starting from Andalo, visitors can also reach alpine huts and mountain pastures comfortably transported by the lift facilities, or have an adventure in the Forest Park.

Regarding animals, there is an embarrassment of choices: who has never seen a real BEAR? In Spormaggiore, a few km from Andalo, the Park has created a large fenced space where visitors can see them in real life. Nearby, you can learn how bees live and can taste the mountain honey. And what about the cows?? They are in the pasture; just climb a bit higher on the mountain and listen for the bells. In Tovre there is a petting zoo with goats, piglets, pony, geese and chickens.

The shores of Molveno Lake (precious pearl in an even more splendid setting) allow enjoying a bit of ?beach life? with days in the sun and relaxation outdoors.

Andalo is located at a strategic point. It can also be considered the best base for visiting the natural beauties, castles, lakes, vineyards and apple groves of the Trentino, the MART Museum in Rovereto or the ruins of Otzi in the nearby Alto Adige.