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Tel. +39 0461 585282
+39 0461 585282

Andalo presents the completely renewed facility of Paganella that boasts completely modern facilities in automatic connection practically everywhere and nearly total coverage of planned snow production on the trails. The Andalo and Paganella ski areas offer trails for every taste, from the ski schools right in Andalo to the famous Olympic trail, the black one that was so popular with the American Nationals skiers who trained on the Paganella trails.

But Andalo is not only Nordic skiing??? visitors can also practice cross-country skiing near Andalo Lake, walk with the snowshoes in the company of Alpine guides, make excursions by snowcat or trips in horse-drawn sleighs to explore the Tana del Ermellino, a house/restaurant in the middle of the forest. There is also WaterIn, the new pool and wellness center in the sports park of Andalo where the ice skating rink and the convention center are located.